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The Telcom fax software can be used to send, receive faxes, and manage faxes in a fax server in a company or organization. Access to the system via the Web provides the opportunity for individuals to send and receive faxes from anywhere. Also, the Fax-Mail functionality implemented in the New Fax Receive system has been made available to people and people can see the fax in their Mail attachment. By using this software, you will not have to worry about losing faxes due to the completion of fax paper, and you can directly fax it through a computer without the need to print your text or content. Easy archiving without paper, especially the problem of receiving large volumes of faxes, and preventing the loss of important faxes in a bunch of faxes (which are sometimes low-value advertising messages).

Technical Specifications
  •     A fully web-based admin panel with the ability to define different panel operators and manage their access levels
  •     Possibility to create different parts of the business, grouping operators in the departments, and monitoring and receiving reports of each department section, limited to the managers of that sector.
  •     Ability to define and manage telecommunication channels for exchanging faxes with a city telephone network or IP trunks for exchanging faxes with VoIP Gateway gateways in computer networks.
  •     Possibility to send faxes through the system panel by any system operator with the ability to define tasks scheduled for sending faxes.
  •     Ability to define different rules for managing faxes with the ability to send them to Email
  •     Ability to view the status of sending faxes
  •     Ability to search and report from the archives of faxes with the ability to access the fax image along with each fax received or sent as well as the recording of sending or receiving their successful or unsuccessful ones.
  •     Location View System Resource Status (Memory, Hard Disk, Processes, ...)
  •     Ability to define a list of numbers to send a group of faxes or use the list of numbers in defining the rules of receipt of the fax
  •     Possibility to send faxes by direct entering of destination numbers, list of numbers or by fax number of people defined in system profiles.
  •     Possibility to archiving faxes received or sent to external systems via FTP to store large volumes of faxes.
  •     Ability to reload and turn off and turn on the system through the panel
  •     Possibility of personalization and expansion of system facilities according to customer's requirements
  •     Integration with Tel / Fax Center TelC Fax and SMS TelC SMS software with the ability to receive or send faxes in various voice menus (IVRs) in the telephone system
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