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Telc Introduction

It has not been the establishment of the Telc Telecommunications Company in 1384. We have been active in the field of service and design of Call Center and IP telephony software, and our product now offers many services to our customers to make our slogan come true. Telecom's longstanding motto is to provide a service to revolutionize its customer service. Along with our beloved customers, we have always been in a position to help them transform their service and value to our customers because of our better prospects of our best customers.


From the programming team to the sales team, support and. . . Telc employees were all due to their creativity and innovation. We bring together a set of creative people to be proud of the national arena and to scream at our international level of pride and Iranianness. We are composed of programming, advisory, commercial, support, project management, administrative finance teams, and all of us are on a customer-orientation line.


Hamid Reza Hashemi Golpayegani

CEO & Member Of Board

Mohsen Masjedjamei

Chairman of the Board

Mohammad Reza Samandi

Member Of Board

Mohsen Taheri

Software Manager & Member Of Board

Reza Golshan

Executive Vice President & Project Manager

Navid Shokri

Senior Project Manager

Morteza Kabiri

Sales & Marketing Manager

Farshad Ajdar

Web & Mobile Department Manager

Mohsen Damirchilo

Deployment & Support Manager

Sonia Zahiroldini

Finance & Administration Manager

Alireza Shaheri

Software Developer

Mehdi Jahaninia

BO In Technical Support

Mohammad Aroontan

Technical Support

Alireza Mirzaee

Technical Support

Ahmad Salajegheh

Technical Support

Maryam Bahramizadeh

BO in MCI Managed Service Project

Milad Karimi

Technical Support

Morteza Ashori

FO in MCI Managed Service Project

Ehsan Mohammad Rezaei

VAS Technical Manager



Yekta Fanara Co.

Yekta Techno Ara is one of the telecom and electronics companies. The company started its official activity since 2007 by a group of experienced specialists and engineers. The company's activities in the field of telecommunications and electronics, based on the experiences and specialties of related employees, have carried out large projects in the country.
Providing telecommunication solutions for mobile operators, supplying and providing fiber-optic transmission equipment from Huawei along with installation, training and performing related radio projects by the engineering and technical team of the company are among the most notable activities that have a comprehensive description. The implementation of the above projects is visible in the history section. Design and implementation of comprehensive telecommunication solutions. The approach and the purpose of the company have since been established. Localization of specific solutions in the field of mobile networks and the presentation and implementation of its telecommunications solutions in the field of networking with each other are the projects and areas of the main activities of the fan company. The company has been able to implement various projects in the following areas with the help of expert experts who have implemented various projects in the field of ICT each year.


  •     Solutions and services related to transmission, switch and access networks
  •     Mobile network solutions and services
  •     IT solutions and services

وب سایت :

PershingGig is the largest Persian web hosting server (hosting). If you ask the webmasters and web professionals, PGs will introduce online, secure, and fast repositories for their files and information. The establishment of the pornography occurred at a specific time; the number of Internet users was growing rapidly, professionals and web sites were producing content on the Internet, and blogging and blogging were at the peak of popularity. In those circumstances, there were also barriers; the lack of free web space service for Persian language users was one of the most important of these. With the launch of Pershingug website in February 2004, the building of a powerful and free Persian web space service was laid. Shortly afterwards, Open Source invitations were shared between Internet users. Parsingig's manager was one in a row, and our beloved users invited experts and bloggers to join. Now, after several years of launch and service, a new service from the Pershingug team, Cloud Service, is hosting new users of the Persian-language web space, a service that is designed and implemented using the latest available technology. With 8GB of free space, the ability to display properly on all devices and share files with other users, this service is the least attractive feature of this service.

وب سایت :
Monti Mobile Co.

Monti Mobile Company has the first SMS hotspot service in the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as the GSM member since 2005. This license is considered as one of the preferred open source connections defined by the GSM Association. Montechi Mobile is also working with the world's largest operators to facilitate the international flow of SMS over the world and global markets, as well as to provide a platform for connecting subscribers to similar activities in order to cover and broaden this global business. . Monti is based in Lebanon and has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Fiji.

وب سایت :
Morva System Co.

Marwa Engineering Company is one of the leading companies in the field of providing information technology services in Iran. The company was established in 1995 and has been working on nearly 3 decades of its activities by using expert and efficient forces as well as utilizing The technology of the day will provide its customers with the highest quality.
The most important areas of company activity now include:

  •     Providing Internet access services
  •     VoIP service
  •     Providing Value Added Services for Landline Providing Web Hosting Services
  •     Provide new advertising services via phone and email (Marwa Award)

وب سایت :
Rubikomm Co.

Rubikomm was founded by pioneers in the industry to provide telecommunications solutions to large and medium mobile operators in the Middle East and Africa. Given the wide-ranging vision it has been establishing since its inception, it has always strived to provide its services to highly-resellers and innovative solutions seeking to expand its market and develop a set of ideas. Innovative will help increase customer service levels, increase subscriber's income, and maintain and attract new features. Rubikomm's mission is to provide mobile operators around the East and Africa with offering, convergent telecommunications solutions, and new ideas that help them grow faster. The vision is to reach their customers for telecommunications solutions and share them. In the future will come.

وب سایت :
Webnevisan Group

Web Designer Group is a professional Web design and web development service provider, developing web applications, Windows, Mobile and Online Communications. The group of webmasters began its activity in 1381 and from the very beginning tried to innovate and update ideas in the design of the site, to increase its satisfied customers and to provide continuous and professional services in The field of Internet services and website design and programming, web application, Windows application, mobile app, multimedia design, graphics and digital advertising in the software industry.

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