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Telc Introduction

It has not been the establishment of the Telc Telecommunications Company in 1384. We have been active in the field of service and design of Call Center and IP telephony software, and our product now offers many services to our customers to make our slogan come true. Telecom's longstanding motto is to provide a service to revolutionize its customer service. Along with our beloved customers, we have always been in a position to help them transform their service and value to our customers because of our better prospects of our best customers.


Our Team

From the programming team to the sales team, support and. . . Telc employees were all due to their creativity and innovation. We bring together a set of creative people to be proud of the national arena and to scream at our international level of pride and Iranianness. We are composed of programming, advisory, commercial, support, project management, administrative finance teams, and all of us are on a customer-orientation line.






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